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Guide: Send and Open Confidential Emails of Gmail on Android Device

If you want to send and open confidential emails of Gmail then must go through this content right away. Here, you will get the complete steps for sending and opening confidential emails of Gmail account and must reach Gmail Support NZ in case of any issues.

For sending messages and attachments confidentially, follow the steps as follows:

Step 1: You need to first of all, open the Gmail app and then go ahead to compose > more at the top right.

Step 2: Choose confidential mode quickly and then need to turn on confidential mode there.

Step 3: Now, for setting the expiration date, passcode, other controls, you need to do the changes there and finally, go to done option instantly.

For removing access early, follow the steps as follows:

Step 1: You are required to first of all, open the Gmail app and then need to choose menu option and then go ahead to send option.

Step 2: You are suggested to then open the confidential email and then quickly to the bottom of the respective screen.

Step 3: Finally, you are suggested to then choose remove access option there.

Also, you can open an email sent with the confidential mode by following the steps as follows;

If you are using Gmail account then follow the steps as follows:

  • You need to first of all, open the email quickly and then if the senders are not requiring a SMS passcode then you can instantly see the email when you are opening it.
  • But, if you are using some another email client then you need to just open the respective email and then move to the link view the email there and finally, need to sign in with the Google credentials there for viewing the message there.

And, if the sender required a SMS passcode, you need to follow the steps as follows;

You need to first of all, choose send passcode and then have to look for your text message for the respective passcode and finally, need to write down the passcode and choose submit option there.

In case of any trouble, you are suggested to reach Gmail Support Phone Number to solve your issues quickly.